Flannel Friday: Jump!

I fell a few weeks behind with my Flannel Friday posting, but we are currently on a one week break, so I can catch up.  A couple of weeks ago I made a foamie version of Scott Fischer's book Jump! to go along with my Leap Day story time.

I drew all of the shapes free-hand except the frog that we have a die cut for and I pieced die cut circles for the lady bug.

This one was a lot of fun in story time.  (I love throwing flannels in the air - I enjoy it more than the kids do.)  The story is a rhyme, so I ended up memorizing it.  I try not to memorize stories word for word, but this was not too hard and I made a cheat sheet in case I got stuck (although YAY - I did not need it).

I started the story by just putting the bug up and then added the frog when I got to that part.  I paused before saying frog so that the kids could say it.  Then, when the bug sees the frog she JUMPS!  And when she jumps I threw her up into the air leaving only the frog until she sees the cat and JUMPS!

I did the whole story that way, having only 2 animals on the board at a time.  I would pause for the kids to name the new animals and as we got further into the rhyme they were also screaming JUMP!

I changed the end a little so that I could toss one last piece.  In the book the whale ends the tale with a SPLOOSH!!! sending all the animals back home.  I changed it and just had the whale jump to.  I said 'it's time to end this tale so I JUMP!'

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