Flannel Friday: Silly Super Hero

Week five brought super heroes flying into our library.  It is a very exciting theme, but posed a bit of a problem when it came to story time planning.  Books tend to be for older children and not great for reading to a crowd and flannel stories were few.  So....I made up my own.  This is a rather simple story.  You can modify it to meet your needs or style.  The story it a bit like Keiko Kasza's The pigs' picnic.  I call it:
The Best Super Hero Suit.

This is Ben.  Ben's favorite thing to do is play super hero.  He has lots of costumes, but today, Ben has a problem.  All of his costumes are in the wash.  What will he do?

Ben decided that he will make up his own costume and he is going to be the best super hero ever.  So, he thought, what makes a great super hero?  First, a super hero needs to be able to hear if someone is in trouble.  Ben found some nice, big ears.  (I had planned to ask the kids where Ben got the ears, but I had a rather enthusiastic little guy who shouted out 'Those are bunny ears!'  So, he got all the kids going and I didn't need to prompt them.  They kept it up the whole story.)
Bunny ears!

Next, Ben decided that a super hero should be able to smell if there is a fire so that he can rescue people from the flames.  Ben found a great, big nose.
Elephant nose!

Now, Ben thought, a good super hero is really, really, strong.  Ben found some very strong arms.
Gorilla arms!

Great super heroes can leap tall buildings thought Ben.  So, he found some extremely hoppy feet.
Frog feet!

Finally, Ben knew that all the best super heroes can fly, so, Ben found a pair of super flappy wings.
Bat wings!

Ben thought he was the greatest, best super hero ever.  He ran out into the living room to save his sister from evil villains.

'AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH a monster!!!!!!!!!'  screamed Ben's sister who ran crying to mommy.  And mommy made Ben take the costume off because his sister was so scared.

Oh well, thought Ben back in his room.  I can always be Captain Underpants instead!

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  1. This a great adaptation! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this!! I will definitely use this for family and preschool storytime! Thank you!