Flannel Friday: Fair Food

This week's post was totally stolen from Ms. Monica at Ram Sam Storytime.  (Thanks for the inspiration!)  A few weeks ago she posted a food on a stick flannel rhyme and I instantly loved it.  When I read her rhyme it for some reason brought to mind the song Animal fair, so I modified her rhyme to fit the song.  We sang:

(To the tune of Animal Fair)

I went to the county fair.
The pigs and the sheep were there.
When food I demanded,
We went to a stand,
And got _____ on a stick to share.

The song is kind of catchy. By the second or third round most of the kids were singing along with me. 

As we sang I would use my stick to prop up the food that we were using for that verse.  This worked really well.  We have several puppets that have sticks to move their arms around.  The stick has the soft side of velcro at the top to help hold it in place in a pocket at the bottom of the puppet's hand.  So, I placed the rougher side on the back of my pieces and just slapped the stick down on each piece as we sang.  You could easily make this device with any stick-like object.  And, if you are like us, you have quite a bit of that soft side of velcro floating around.

Some of the 'normal' food on a stick options.
I had all the pieces piled in the order I wanted so I could just slap them on quickly.
I added some things to make the song a bit silly.  This is one of those times when it is great to have a stock pile of flannel boards as I could just pull pieces from various sets to use in the song.  Very easy to do and saves time and energy for other projects.  I like to borrow pieces whenever I can.  This is one reason I try to do most of my sets with craft foam so that they are all similar.

Some of the more outrageous food on a stick options.  Lion on a stick anyone?

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  1. What fun! Love that song, too. I bet the kids were laughing!

  2. I am *humbled* that you liked my idea enough to copy (as I do ALL THE TIME with everyone else) and, you improved it! Love.

  3. Planning my SLP themes and I just copied and pasted this page into my notes so I can find it when the local fair rolls around.