Changes in Story Time Land

It has been a little while since my last post and that is due to changes that have taken place in my work life.  Previously I was working as a library assistant at an independent library where I usually did toddler and family story times.  Each week I would try to blog about our story time (books, songs, crafts, etc) as well as contribute to Flannel Friday by posting a flannel story.

However, to start the new year I landed a new job as an Early Childhood Librarian at a bigger library system where I am now mostly doing Baby time.  (I have a job-share position and my partner does the toddler/preschool story times, don't worry, we are not neglecting that crowd).  Eventually I will be doing preschool outreach so I can blog about those, but until then I may not be blogging as often.  Baby time tends to be rather repetitive - this is good for the babies, not so much for blogging.

In the transition I did have to leave all of my wonderful flannel boards behind, so I hope to begin to rebuild that collection (there were over 50).  So, hopefully I will be able to write about that, or just come up with new flannels to share.

For now, I am settling into the new position and trying to figure out how to spice up the Baby times.  (Babies may do well with repetition but Miss Sarah does not.)  I am hoping to find some good rhymes to 'flannelize.'  I enjoy flannel projects, but I plan to do them for Baby time only if we can use them a lot.  I've got some ideas, so hang tight, I can't stay away from my flannels (or craft foam) for long.

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