Flannel Friday: An Ode to Flannel

Oh Flannel Friday, how I love you so!
Fridays were so boring, but not any more.

I had thought flannel was just for clothes,
but I see how well in stories it goes.

Each and every Friday morn, 
Flannel ideas are being born!

Story time's no longer boring.
Kids and parents are not snoring.

I read on Friday with such glee,
Great story time possibilities!

And all the bloggers, oh so wise,
Have moved story time standards up so high!

Sorry for the cheesy poem, but I felt that if this was truly an 'ode' I needed to actually write one :)  In honor of Flannel Friday turning 2 we have been asked to talk about what Flannel Friday means to us, has benefitted our work, etc.
Here is 'Flannel Me'
First off, I will tell you about how I came to Flannel Friday.  I guess it was bout 2 years ago that I ran across a few blogs run by children's librarians.  Ironically, I found them while looking for flannel story ideas to use with my toddler story times.  One of the blogs I found was Miss Mary Liberry, and I just loved her ideas and voice so much that I returned frequently.  I began noticing posts for Flannel Friday so I did some blog hopping and discovered some really wonderful ideas being shared by some wonderfully creative people.  I was hooked.
A picture from my first Flannel Friday post: Five Red Apples
It took me a little while to finally join in, but when I did I was warmly welcomed to the Flannel world.  Everyone is very encouraging and helpful providing not only a great community but also an amazing story time resource.  Many times I have found a great idea that sparked an entire story time plan.  I now make sure that anyone I meet who works with young children hears about the wonderful thing that is Flannel Friday.
My most viewed post to date: Pete the Cat Christmas Extravaganza
Flannel Friday has encouraged me to work to make story time as exciting and innovative as I can.  Even though many times posts are ideas that have been used before there are new twists that help make them current or more interesting than before.
One of my favorite creations based on another blogger's Flannel Friday post
For anyone who is working with young children the Flannel Friday blog and Pinterest page are amazing resources.  I truly applaud the work of all those pinners who have made the pinboards so navigable.

Happy 2nd Birthday Flannel Friday!!!  I hope to see many more years of excellent story time ideas!


  1. Very cute Ode. It's been wonderful to see via the many posts the growth of both FF and the bloggers. Cheers!

  2. So great to have you aboard through so many FF posts! Here's to lots more! Thanks, Sarah!