Flannel Friday: Two Greedy Ants

This week I have a guest making her Flannel Friday debut.  Here is Kathy Ross King with 2 Greedy Ants:

My sister, Lee Audlin, actually made this up for me because I love her work and I have lots of others to get done. I think it is adorable. I wrote the summer reading chapter with the story, the 2 Greedy Ants so I definitely wanted to do it! It has patterns for the felt board at the end of the chapter and these figures are loosely based on them. I think they may be a bit bigger, because I want the kids to be able to see the pieces. I just draped a very cheap piece of picnic cloth over my magnet board and added a magnet strip to the back of each piece.  The pickle jar and candy dish are made from blister packs. If you do this be sure to make the prop for the sneezing ant in the same section. It is so easy and a real “kid pleaser”! 

-Kathy Ross King


  1. This is so cute! I will have to do this for my Ant lesson. THANKS!