Flannel Friday: Pippa's Penguins

My flannel story this week is a version of Pippa's Penguins.  I first saw the story on the Rovingfiddlehead Kidlit blog (ironically the host of this week's Round-up), but it was originally written by Susan M. Daily and can be found on her website along with templates for the penguins.  I changed my story a little from Susan's story to better fit my style of story telling.  I started be asking who has seen the penguins at the zoo (our local zoo has a great penguin exhibit right at the front, so most kids have seen them).  For those who had not seen them at the zoo, we had penguins on our name tags so all of the kids could tell me what colors the penguins are.  So then I told them that our story was about a little girl who went to the zoo and love the penguins so much she asked grandma to draw her a picture of them when they got home.  First, grandma got the colors wrong...

Then she gave the penguins some odd patterns...

So, the little girl told grandma that a penguin looks like he is wearing a suit...

No grandma!  Not a bathing suit, a fancy suit...

Well, maybe not that fancy.  At this point I had the kids describe the penguins again for grandma, who finally got the picture right.

This week's Round-up can be found with Andrea at rovingfiddlehead kit lit. If you are looking for past round-ups you can find them with Anne at SoTomorrow.  You can also click on the Flannel Friday button at the right to see all Flannel Friday posts visually arranged on Pinterest.


  1. Very creative re-write. I like that you tweaked it to fit your storytelling style. I think it really makes a difference when you can make something fit better. Everyone enjoys your storytime when you are comfortable with what you are sharing. Your families are lucky to have you!

  2. A nice take on the tale - would suit my wee ones very well!

  3. Penguins wearing clothes!!! AHHHHHH

  4. These look like they are made with foam-- how do you keep them on the flannel board? They are pretty cute!

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Angela, they are made of foam. I attach a piece of Velcro to the back to hold them on the board. I often do that with my felt too because it seems to fall off frequently. Especially when I have to move my board around so little hands can't grab the pieces off :)

  6. I love your penguins! That bathing suit is adorable!