Flannel Friday: Teddy

This week's Flannel Friday story is an adaptation of Leslie Patricelli's book Binky.  Binky is a cute board book (a favorite of my 2 year old son) about a cute baby who is looking all over for his binky.  My story time theme this week was Bedtime for Prince and Princess, so I changed the book some to fit that.  I turned the baby into a prince (a baby prince) and instead of looking for the binky he is instead looking for his teddy bear.
The little prince.  He flips over to a happy prince.  There is velcro on his diaper to hold him on the board.

Since board books are quick and simple, I was able to sequence this one out on the flannel board.  I put all of the objects/people that baby goes to when looking for his binky on the board.  Then, I just went right down the line asking ... Where is teddy?  Is teddy behind the couch?  No.  In the cereal?  No.  In the potty (hope not)?  No.  Who has teddy?  Fishy? No. etc. until the end.
Here is the couch, cereal bowl, potty chair, fishy, dog, mom, dad, rug, and chair.

But, when we got to the end there were no items on the board and we still had not found teddy!  So, of course, the little prince threw a little fit.  And then...
The teddy bear was actually borrowed from my 5 in the bed flannel set, he is the 'little one.'

I turned the board around and there was teddy, in bed where he belongs!
Happy little prince!

If you wanted, you could do this without going in order.  The kids could suggest where to look and as long as teddy is on the back of the board you will still have a crying fit before flipping it over.  If you do flannels where they look for items a lot it maybe fun to have the surprise of not finding anything until it is flipped around.

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  1. Adorable baby! Is he made out of paper? If you drew him yourself, I am very impressed.

  2. Great story! I bet the kids loved it!

  3. What a beautifully done flannel! And you adapted the story perfectly for your theme. Awesome! I hope you don't mind if I steal this for my upcoming Royal Pajama Party?

    Btw, I was at B&N yesterday and saw a new book ~ Night Knight. It was interesting and fits the bedtime theme but it is a book that is best shared as a book. :-)

  4. This is so fun... I love the idea of letting the kids pick where to look next - yay! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome flannel idea!!

  5. There are several stories this flannel board can go with. So many great ideas. Love that little baby.

  6. Thanks everyone! Anne, he, and all of the other pieces, are made from craft foam. I traced the shape of the baby's head, but all of the rest was free-hand.
    You could hide all kinds of things with this, even put various other objects to find.