Flannel Friday: Birthday Cake

 This week's story time was all about birthdays!  We celebrated my puppet Sparky's birthday.  Despite what his hat says he was turning 2.  My flannel this week was inspired by Storytime Katie, although I ended up making my own rhyme so the kids could 'blow' out the candles.

We had a cake and we 'lit' the candles, counting them as we went.  Then our rhyme went:
5 candles on a birthday cake.
If we blow one out, how many does that make.

Then, all of this kids would blow as hard as they could and I would pull off one flame.  Then, we re-counted the flames and repeated with 4, 3, 2, and 1 candles.
My grand plan was that I would have fishing wire attached to the flames and I could pull them of invisibly.  But, I made a mistake and glued the wire on coming out of the bottom of the flame instead of the top, making them harder to stick on and disguise.  So, not having much time for a re-do, I just cut the wire and did it by hand.
Also during story time we 'baked' a cake using the foam baking ingredients I used for a cookie baking story time last fall.  Sparky dropped the ingredients in and stirred them around (the kids added to the stirring motion) and then put them in the oven.  When story time was done, Sparky gave everyone a cupcake!  Somehow, it never fails that if I serve food at story time the parents tell me how great the program was (which is odd as I always expect that they will be annoyed I gave their children sugar).
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  1. We had a birthday party at storytime this week too! It was my birthday and I'm shameless like that! Happy birthday, Sparky!

  2. Haha, it was my birthday too Anne! I put it on Sparky because I hate when people sing to me.

  3. How funny! I just did a birthday theme storytime last week too, because my birthday it tomorrow. Great post!

  4. I love this, thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I will use this for my toddler program this week. And it is totally a theme I chose because it's one of my kids' birthdays of course haha :-)