Flannel Friday: Where's my egg?

This week I did an Egg theme in story time to coincide with Easter although the theme was not Easter-y at all.  All of our books were about eggs and we talked about what different animals might hatch from an egg.

The flannel story I did was more of a seek-and-find where we were looking under eggs to find a baby chick.  We have a puppet that is a baby chick that curls up into an egg (or pops out of the egg).  I told the kids that the chick was looking for his sister and we proceeded to look under the eggs to see what we could find.

You could have the kids guess, but I just pulled off eggs knowing where the chick was and saving that egg for last.  The kids would just yell out what they saw under the egg.
I did put some Easter-ish things under the eggs, like the jellybeans and chocolate bunny.  By far the favorite item was the Angry Bird.  I found clip art to help make him, the chocolate bunny, and the ostrich.  The rest were free-handed.

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  1. Love your sparkly eggs! I think my favorite hidden item is the ostrich. Very cute!

  2. OMGosh, love the Angry Bird!

  3. I think the Angry Bird is hilarious!

  4. what is the story called that goes along with the felt story or did you just kind of make it up

  5. No story. You could say the chicks were playing hide and seek and have the kids suggest eggs to look behind. If you wanted a rhyme you could say the brother, named Greg, is hiding and have the kids say:
    Little Greg, little Greg,
    Are you behind the (color) egg?
    Then reveal what is behind that egg.