Flannel Friday: Things that Go

This week our story time theme was Things that go.  It was a really fun theme and hopefully I will get the rest of our story time posted soon, (it is up and you can read about the entire story time here!) but for now, here is our flannel story.  I got this idea from another Flannel Friday post that I saw at ValleyStorytime.  
The story is like Bill Martin's Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?  So, I had various modes of transportation in an array of colors.  I would have the kids tell me what it was and what color it was.  Then we would all say (if it was a red bus) 'Red bus, red bus, what do you see?'  I put up only one item at a time, so I would then switch the items and they would tell me what the new one was.  I ended with a yellow race car and said 'I see a yellow car racing past me!' and then 'zoomed' the whole flannel board away to hide behind my story time cart.
There is a yellow race car that did not make the picture as I left it behind at work.  I made all of my vehicles out of craft foam.  I did use clip art as templates for these as my car drawing skills are not so great.
The blimp was a favorite as we live near the Blimp hanger and see it flying around often.

And now for a quick lesson...save your templates!  Luckily I did because I brought this one home and it was just too tempting for a crazy little guy.  He managed to grab these and ripped apart my blue truck.  (Perhaps that is an advantage to flannel over foam?)  I may just tape it back together, but I did save all the pictures that  I used in a file, so I can re-make any if needed.  If I can re-use templates that I have printed out I keep them in a large manila envelope with the finished pieces.
Oh yeah, and keep them away from ornery little car enthusiasts!

You can find this week's round up with Kay Leigh at Story Time ABC's, past round ups with Anne at Sotomorrow, and all posts compiled on Pinterest by clicking the Flannel Friday link on the right.


  1. Sarah, can I use that little guy's picture in the Round-Up post? I think he is so hysterical and so darn cute! Very representative of a few little guys I know! ;o) Let me know if it is okay to use the picture.

    1. Sure! He belongs to me so it is no problem!