Flannel Friday: Dog's Colorful Day (with a dinosaur)

For one story time session a few years ago I wanted to focus on colors, so each week we had book that featured colors.  I had also wanted to do a dinosaur theme and needed a color book to go along with that.  So, I took Emma Dodd's book Dog's colorful day and changed Dog into Dino.  I told the story pretty much as it is; big Dino was easily bumping into things and getting messy.

For the flannel board I put my green foam Dino up.  He had small pieces of velco all over so that the colored pieces would stick to him as they were added.  At the end we gave him a bath and said each color as it was washed away.
This was a really easy one to make.  I found a dinosaur coloring page to use for the shape and then free handed all of the colored spots.  Each spot has velco on the back to stick to the pieces on Dino.  The great thing about a story like this is that you can put all of the colors in order to help remember what goes when.  And, if you do forget, you can just make up something and they will probably not notice!

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  1. He is so AWESOME! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it. :o)