Flannel Friday: Me want cookie featuring Animal

 This week's story time featured books with the word Me in the title.  I had thought it would be fun to have Cookie Monster do a 'me want cookie!' puppet show, but I was not able to find a Cookie Monster puppet.  I had thought my parents had one from when I was a kid, but we could not find it if we did.  What we did find, though, was an Animal puppet.  This actually worked out because my two 'me' books featured cavemen and Animal is a bit caveman looking.

So, for our flannel story / puppet show Animal came out and demanded 'Me want cookie!'  But, we tried to give him some healthier snacks instead.  I had an assortment of foam vegetables that I had made for another flannel board and I added a few pieces of fruit.  Alas, Animal did not care for them.  I would hold up the food that we were feeding Animal and the kids would tell me what it was.  There was a tomato, an eggplant, and some cauliflower that they found a little tricky.  Once we had identified the food we fed it to Animal who promptly spit it out with a loud 'BLEEEHHHHH!'  Then he would shake his head and say 'mmm-uumm, mmm-uumm, me want cookie!' 
This went on for a bit (I'm sure the kids would prefer it went longer, they were LOVING it - parents too) when finally, after the last fruit/vegetable, Animal said 'me want cookie, plllllleeeeeease?'  One great thing about the puppet is that his eyebrows move up and down, so when he asked the last time I wiggled his eyebrows a bit.  So, because he asked so nicely, we gave him a cookie.  That stinker chewed the cookie for a minute and the spit it out and asked for pizza!  Well, there was no pizza to be had so he went off to take a nap until lunch time.

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  1. Totally hysterical! You are very clever...I think I need to do something with this idea...if I figure it out...I will certainly let you know. I need to visit my puppets tomorrow at work (Saturday, ugh) and find out WHO wants a cookie!!! Thanks for sharing this idea...I have no doubt that the children LOVED it! ~ jane