Flannel Friday: Flannel Foodie

This week our summer reading program kicked off, so there are no new story times to share, but I have been working on a flannel 'project.'  As part of our room decor  for the Dream Big - Read theme we put out a tent.  My project was making some flannel food to go with the camp site.
My co-worker found this great book: Big little felt universe: sew it, stuff it, squeeze it, fun! by Jeanette Lim.

This book was great!  There were instructions for making all kinds of felt creations along with templates to use.  Ms. Lim even gave some tips for what kind of felt to buy as well as basic stitches that you can use.
I kept it simple and made a s'more, chips, and some hotdogs.  I was hoping to get a few burgers, but we will see how things go now that summer is in full swing.  One co-worker also brought in a wooden sandwich set, so we do have an abundance of 'food' at our campsite.

I cheated a little on the graham cracker.  The instructions said to make french knots for all of the little dots ... I used a brown sharpie :)  But, I did add the perforation in the middle to make it look like 2 crackers (the book did not have that).
I also deviated on the chocolate piece.  I simple stacked 3 felt squares and then stitched lines to denote the perforations.  The instructions had to stitch a strip between 2 squares and stuff it, but I think mine turned out well.
Not the best picture, but you can almost make out the details.

The hotdog was easy, though I learned that you have to do the end stitching at least a half inch in so that when you flip it there are no gaps in the end of the hotdog.
In addition to the food I made a little grill for cooking.  I took an upside-down box and spray painted it black.  Then, I taped a cookie cooling rack to the bottom (now top) and voila, a little grill.

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And...I will be hosting the round-up next week, so look for the place holder mid to late week next week!


  1. So delightful! It makes me want to go camping just so I can have hotdogs and s'mores. ;o)

    You did a tremendous job on these. I'm sure all your young patrons will have fun with these.

    Thanks for sharing the book!

  2. These flannel pieces are fabulous. You did an incredible job. Love the book ~ jane