Flannel Friday: Little Lightning Bugs

Our story time theme this week was Night Creatures and I am not sure if there is a night creature more loved (at least by children around here) than lightning bugs (or fireflies, we used the word interchangeably).  Right now we are in the prime of lightning bug season.  They come out around 8 o'clock and flash their little lights all over.

So, for a night creature theme I knew I had to include lightning bugs.  I was inspired by 2 other Flannel Friday posts this week.  One was Miss Alison at MiSS ALiSSON iS BLOGGiNG.  It was almost a year ago that she posted her Five Little Fireflies with disappearing lights that I thought was so cool.  Although, I was wary of pulling lights out of the little pockets she made, so I made my bugs reversible.  I was also inspired by Amy at catch the possibilites who posted her version of Ten Flashing Fireflies by Philemon Sturges. 

My plan was to use both of these flannels toward the end of my story time, but other activities ran a little longer so I only used one.  I went with Miss Alison's Five fireflies because that involves loud sneezing which is often a hit in story time.  The rhyme went:

Five little firflies flashing in the night.
Looking at the glow of each other's light.
Then whoosh went the wind whistle went the breeze,
And out went one light with a great big sneeze...

The repeat with 4,3,2 and finish with

One lonely firefly flashing in the night.
He couldn't see the glow of the others' lights.
Then whoosh went the wind and whistle went the breeze,
And out went his light with a great big sneeze...

The kids really enjoyed this one.  Many of them were saying the rhyme with me by the end.  I had to get a little tricky with my craft foam so that I could flip them over.  I realized that a little bit of black velcro did the trick and blended nicely with the lightning bugs' wings.  I did have ten fireflies made up to do both rhymes.  My plan was that I would change the Ten Flashing Frieflies to Five Flashing Fireflies so I set my board (which has felt on both sides) so that both flannels were ready to go.  Then, when I only needed one I did not have to move anything around.
Here is the side of the board we did not use.
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  1. Aaaaw! I love your fireflies! It is awesome to see how different people take an idea and make it work for them.

    I had thought about doing the Ten Flashing Fireflies last night at my storytime but the book didn't come in on time. I will definitely be making that flannel, too. :o)

    I would love for you to link up your post to my Bugs ABC'S Blog Hop. Amy linked up her post. I think it would be awesome to have all our firefly ideas linked because it gives people different options ~ you just never know which one will fit the bill!

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I loved reading your comment. And I am extremely jealous that you actually have fireflies flying around right now. I miss them! :o}

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!