Flannel Friday: Going on a Bear Hunt

This week is our first story time of the Summer Reading program and our theme is camping.  I threw around several flannel story ideas before deciding to go with the tried and true Going on a Bear Hunt.  We don't have registration for story times over the summer and that can lead to some serious crowds, so my goal is to keep kids more involved and this allows them to participate and keep involved.

I have seen this story many times on Flannel Friday, so quickly, here are my pieces.  I free handed them using foam.  The storm cloud also has a few sequin snow flakes glued onto ribbon.

For our bear hunt we are going to go through some tall grass, climb a big tree, swim across a wide river, squelch through some sticky mud, shiver into a cold snow storm, and enter a dark cave where we will find a BEAR!  I am thinking that when we get to the bear I will feel my own hair (with my eyes closed) and get scared and run home.  But, I just may sneak into the crowd and feel a child's hair that I will be convinced is a bear, we will see how the mood of the crowd is.
This week I am hosting Flannel Friday so you will see the round-up here late Friday or sometime Saturday.  You can find past round-ups and everything Flannel Friday at the site, or visit the Pinterest page by clicking the Flannel Friday button to the right.

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