Flannel Friday: I took my Dragon to the library

Fall story times are almost here and I managed to get my first week's flannel story done over 2 weeks before we start!  Yay for non-procratination, it is a rare feat for me.  Anyways, for the first week of story time I wanted to feature dragons so that I can introduce my puppet friend Sparky.  Sparky is a quiet dragon, he talks in whispers to me and not out loud.  He helps in story time by 'revealing' the letter of the day (very Vana White of him).  He also collects name tags at the end of story time.  Sparky only eats name tags, if you feed him anything else he will spit it out with a loud 'Blegh!' and get lots of giggles.  He has been fed many craft projects as a result.

In addition to my Sparky introductions I wanted to do a little about the library so we can tie in some conversation about story time behavior and library services.  I have always loved Eric Kimmel's book I took my frog to the library for introducing library themes, so I re-made the story and filled it with dragons.  Thus, I took my dragon to the library!  (The title just screams trouble!)

My dragons really love to read, so, I decided to take them to the library.  They can be a handful, so I took them one at a time.  On Monday, I took my Purple Dragon to the library.  My Purple Dragon loves books, but her long claws kept poking holes in them.

 On Tuesday I took my Red Dragon to the library.  My Red Dragon was really excited to check-out some DVD's, but his big teeth made all of the babies cry and we had to go home.

On Wednesday I took my Pink Dragon to the library.  She went right over to the picture books and started reading.  But, she left lots of shiny scales behind and made a big mess.

On Thursday I took my Blue Dragon to the library.  My Blue Dragon has a very long tail and when he ran too fast around the library he bumped into people and knocked shelves over.  He had to run home.

On Friday I took my Yellow Dragon to the library.  My Yellow Dragon loves story time, but she has really big wings and they blocked all of the other kids from seeing the books.  She also talked so much that no one could hear the librarian read.

On Saturday I took my Green Dragon to the library.  My Green Dragon is very well behaved.  He handled the books gently, he smiled nicely at the babies, he cleaned up his messes, he walked carefully around the library, and he sat quietly in story time.  But, my Green Dragon has allergies and he sneezed and caught the librarian's hair on fire!

The nice people at the library told me that I can come visit whenever I want, but from now on my dragons all have to stay at home.  My dragons don't mind because I bring all of their favorite books and movies home to them.  Except my Green Dragon, I can't afford to let him set and library books on fire.

My dragons and most other pieces are made from craft foam.  I found a cute clip art image that I used for the shape of the dragons and free handed the rest.  The librarian's hair is yarn that I really did light on fire (at home, not in the library!)

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