Flannel Round-Up 5.31.13

Happy Friday!  Hopefully most of you are ready for those Summer Reading Programs - ours starts next week!  If you are still looking for some last minute flannel boards (as I often am - or I see a better idea from you wonderful people and scramble to make a new flannel board) there are several options that would work with the Dig into Reading theme and others that are just plain fun.

This week we have:

Bridget from What is Bridget Reading shares with us her beautifully crocheted flowers to go along with the many 5 little flowers rhymes.

Jane at Piper Loves the Library is trying not to stress over sharks in the ocean.  She alleviates some of it with her adorable and not-too-menacing SHARK!

Kathryn of Fun with Friends at Storytime is cooling off and having a hopping good time with her colorful frogs and a pool.

Kay at Storytime ABC's left me wanting more with her unfinished Pigeon post.  What can't Pigoen do?!  The answer to that question is coming  The final version will be up Saturday afternoon (6.1.13) so check back for more fun with Kay and Pigeon.

Leah from Time for Storytime has a colorful version of 5 little rockets.  While most of us are 'digging in' for summer reading, Leah is headed Up, Up and Away.

l.thacker of with kiddos @ the library shares a bright and colorful a version of Down by the bay based on Raffi's rendition of the song.

Lisa in Libraryland is growing a Blooming Garden as she shares her find from the Mailbox, a magazine that is made for teachers and often used by those of us in libraryland.

Lucy from In the Children's Room reminds us that the Cicadas are coming and makes a cicada that is far cuter than the real thing to help explain the upcoming barage our young friends.  Plus, she sends him away, which would be handy when the real ones drop by. 

Meagan at Miss Meg's Storytime is teasing Mr. Alligator this week with her adorably colorful monkeys.

Ms. Shaia from Thrive after Three is singing with the dinosaurs as she asks Red brontosaurus, red brontosaurus, what do you see?

Now that this is done I better get to work on those last minute flannels!  Be sure to check the Pinterest boards for all of these and a gazillion past flannel boards.  If you have questions or are just looking for more information about Flannel Friday you can check the official blog.  And, you can always look for us on facebook (the picture is the colorful Flannel Friday logo) to join in conversations about flannel and other library and early literacy stuff.

Next week's host is Lisa at Storytime with the Library Lady, so be sure to tune in there next Friday.  Have a great week!


Flannel Friday place holder for 5.31

It's almost Friday and that means Flannel Time!  If you have a flannel board or related post to share this week please leave a link in the comments below.  I will compile them and post the final draft either late Friday evening or on Saturday morning.


Worms re-visited

A few months ago I posted a worm flannel board to go along with the Dig into Reading Summer theme.  You can read about that here and you will see that I still had a few kinks to work out on the last post.  I finally had time to go back to this flannel board and fix the problems so that the worms will easily slide up and down the foam core board.

Originally I was trying to slide the worms along with a brad, but that did not really give a good enough grip to easily move the worms.  I figured out that a unwound paper clip would work.  It slides well and has a nice long 'handle' for moving worms.  So, I made some more exciting worms...

I took a small piece of foam (same color as the worm but smaller that its head) and poked the paper clip through the middle.  I left about a inch sticking out the back and bent that around and down on the top for a better hold.

I glued the foam/paper clip 'handle' to the back of he worm.  I made sure that the little 'hook' where the paper clip wrapped around was at the bottom so that it was less likely to pull out when moving the worms up.

Once all the worms were done I popped them into the board and moved them up and down several times to loosen the grooves.  I may add a little piece of Velcro to ensure they stay where the need to (it should unstick when pushing out on the handle and re- stick when pulling in),but the worms seem to stay put fairly well.  So, now they are just waiting for a story time debut!


Flannel Friday: Two Greedy Ants

This week I have a guest making her Flannel Friday debut.  Here is Kathy Ross King with 2 Greedy Ants:

My sister, Lee Audlin, actually made this up for me because I love her work and I have lots of others to get done. I think it is adorable. I wrote the summer reading chapter with the story, the 2 Greedy Ants so I definitely wanted to do it! It has patterns for the felt board at the end of the chapter and these figures are loosely based on them. I think they may be a bit bigger, because I want the kids to be able to see the pieces. I just draped a very cheap piece of picnic cloth over my magnet board and added a magnet strip to the back of each piece.  The pickle jar and candy dish are made from blister packs. If you do this be sure to make the prop for the sneezing ant in the same section. It is so easy and a real “kid pleaser”! 

-Kathy Ross King