Flannel Friday: Garbage Trucks

This week our story time theme was Garbage trucks.  My grand plan was to make a flannel board where we would sort trash by color into a matching garbage truck.  But, we had really great weather over the weekend so my yard got the attention that my flannel board did not.  Instead I showed the movie version of the book I Stink! by Kate and Jim McMullen.  (The kids and parents seemed to enjoy that special surprise.)

I did get the garbage trucks themselves made, so in the future I may print off photos of garbage in different colors, or use them to sort recycling items.  For recycling we could have plastic, glass, compost, and paper.  You could also have colored paper scattered around the room and have the kids pick it up and bring it to one of the trucks which could be taped to a box so the kids can put the paper in the box.

I also had a rhyme for my garbage trucks.  It goes:

Garbage trucks, garbage trucks,
Cleaning up the town.
Do you see any garbage lying around?
Pick up the trash and match it to a truck,
Soon the whole town will be all cleaned up.

There are also some great garbage truck ideas at Awesome Storytime and Read, Sarah, Read.  I drew inspiration from both of these great 'Stinky / Garbage' storytime posts.

This week's round-up is with Mollie at What Happens In Storytime.  The posts will also be pinned to the Pinterest boards and all things Flannel Friday can be found on the Flannel Friday Blog.