Flannel Friday: What color is your underwear?

Our story time theme this week was Underpants, so we had stories all about underwear.  For my flannel story I decided to adapt the book What color is your underwear? by Sam Lloyd.  On its own this is a really cute book.  It has lift the flap pieces that reveal what color underwear different animals are wearing.  The book has rhyming text, but we left that off and just asked each animal 'what color is your underwear?' and once revealed the kids shouted out the color.
I did preface this book with a rule that we should never ask people what color their underwear is, but since our story has animals it is ok to ask them.  (I also prefaced the entire story time with our number one rule that we NEVER show ANYONE our underwear.)

So, this is an easy one when you have the kids helping.  Just ask each animal, 'what color is your underwear?' and then reveal it on the board.  There are several animals, I used the some ones from the book in case I want to use it in the future with the text from the book.  But, you could use any animals that you want.  And looking at it now I really wish I had spiced up the undies some.  How did I forget the glitter?
Here is the horse, turtle, crocodile, and spider.  I gave the spider a web to hide behind, but in the book she is in a cupboard.

On the other side of the board we have the cow, sheep, and elephant.  

Here they are showing off their underpants.

And surprise!  Elephant John forgot to put his on!

The looks on the kids faces when they realized the elephant had no underpants was priceless.  I ended the story by say, 'Oh well, he is an elephant and doesn't need to wear underpants anyway!'

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  1. What a fun silly story! Your flannel pieces are amazing ~ even without any glitter. ;-) I think I like cow's underwear best of all!

  2. We love this book. The foam pieces are so similar to the book! Amazing work, really!

  3. The spider alone is the reason I must make this - great job!

  4. I actually laughed out loud at this one, how awesome! Thanks for sharing!