Flannel Friday: Red Wagon Song

Now that I am doing Babytime I have been trying to work flannels into my programs.  I feel like I really have to make it worth my time as before I was doing 4 storytimes (all the same) each week and now I am down to 2 babytimes and some of those flannel boards take some time.  Anyway... I found a way to re-work one I had dome before for the babies.

Little Red Wagon, or Bumping up and Down is probably a standard lapsit song.  I have a transportation theme this week so I decided to add a few more verses with a few different vehicles.  The traditional song goes:

Bumping up and down in my little red wagon.
Bumping up and down in my little red wagon.
Bumping up and down in my little red wagon,
Won't you be my darling.

I think Raffi has a version of it that I have used before, but this week we are just going to sing it.  The babies will bounce up and down for the first three lines and then get a hug on the fourth.


What if we are bumping up and down in a big BLUE truck?  Or in a big ORANGE dump truck?  Or a YELLOW school bus or a GREEN train?

I plan to use this with the babies, but I think that it would work for the older kids too.  They would enjoy calling out the colors and type of vehicle and could 'bounce' themselves as they sang.

I made a similar flannel board last spring to go with a transportation theme.  You can read about it here.  I had to leave that set behind when I moved jobs, but the new one can be used in the same way.  (Luckily I had saved a file with all the clip art images I had used for the shapes.)  I will eventually make a few more of the pieces, but I figured for a babytime song we only needed a few.  Then, for a future story time, we can have Blue truck, blue truck, what do you see?  I love multipurpose flannel boards...

You can find this week's round-up with Anne at sotomorrow.  All flannel boards eventually get pinned to the Pinterest page, and all things Flannel Friday related can be found at the blog.


  1. Beautiful flannel pieces. I do a version of this song too. Great with the little ones.

  2. I've always done just the traditional version, but I think this would be a great way to colors with the little ones. Nice!

  3. Colors and Bouncing? SOLD - must make this for my own. And your pieces are so pretty. Love the details