Flannel Friday: Baking Cookies

This week my story time theme was cookies, so we made cookies of our own!  You can read all about my story time plan here, along with the inspiration behind my baking idea.  Anyway, the idea was that we were going to 'bake' cookies while reading our last book.  So, I made ingredients out of craft foam and I passed them out to the kids.  Then, I asked for different items and they brought them to me (or they just all brought them at once and I named what they were putting in the bowl - I expected that would be the case).  I mixed it all up with a spatula and then put real cookie dough into a hidden Easybake Oven.  (I kept it out of sight behind my cart and on a plastic chair so that no one would touch it.)  Then we started smelling cookies as we read Who ate all the cookie dough by Karen Beaumont.  After the book, I pulled out the cookies so they could see what they made.  Then we ate cookies!
 So, my flannel this week is simply cookie making ingredients.  I made extras of each so that I would have enough for the 25 kids we tend to get in story time, but I only took a picture of each different item. 

I did most of these free hand.  I think that I found a clip art image of a liquid and dry measuring cup.  I added a little dimension by making the salt and sugar sparkly, the baking soda is the soft side of velcro, and the flour is flannel.  I also put clear tape over the brown part on the vanilla to make it look wet (I am suddenly wondering why I did not do that with the water, oh well).  I labeled all of them thinking the parents could help send them up when I asked for specific items, but they all just brought them anyway :)

It was hard to tell if the kids got the idea that we were supposed to have made the cookies, but all of the parents seemed to like the idea.

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  1. Very clever! Maybe I would have had better luck with my childhood Easy Bake request if I'd told my parents I could use it in my career :)