Flannel Friday: The Pigs' Picnic

This week's foamie story is The Pigs' Picnic by Keiko Kasza.  This is the story of Mr. Pig who is off to enjoy a lovely day by taking Miss Pig on a picnic.  Along they way to Miss Pig's house, Mr. Pig encounters several well meaning friends who want to help him impress Miss Pig.  A lion lends him his mane, a zebra his stripes, and a foxy his tail (to look more foxy of course!).  Thus, Mr. Pig shows up at Miss Pig's home looking not much like a pig, but much more like a monster!  A frightened Miss Pig screams and slams the door in his face.  Mr. Pig then turns around to return the tail, stripes, and mane to his friends before returning to Miss Pig's looking much more like himself.  Miss Pig is very relieved to see Mr. Pig and spends much of the picnic telling him all about the horrible monster that arrived earlier on her doorstep.
 So, as you can see I have a foamie Mr. Pig, a tail, some stripes, and a mane.  He also has a red flower that he picks along they way for Miss Pig, but I forgot to include that in the photo.  The tail I made by gluing yarn to some card stock.  The mane is made of pipecleaners with yarn tied around them.  Both the mane and the tail have velcro to hold them to the board (but if you make them from felt they should stick).  The stripes are made from a piece of overhead transparency to which I glued craft foam stripes.  Those get a piece of tape before the story and then they will stick nicely to Mr. Pig.    

I think this is a fun story.  If you like doing voices you can do a different one for each character.  And I always like having Miss Pig scream really loudly when the 'monster' arrives at her door.  (For some reason she tends to have a southern accent and shouts Oh my stars!)  You might be able to do this story as a draw and tell if you have a dry erase board where you can erase what you add.

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  1. I have a coworker who will flip over this one. It's one of her favorite stories. I can't wait to make it for our collection.

  2. I love this one, I made a feltboard of this several years ago and have been wanting to re-visit and fix it. I love your ideas and will definitely be trying them out when I update mine!