Flannel Friday: Did you ever see a turkey?

This week's Flannel Friday post is what I plan to use for next week's story time. I'm posting a week early in case anyone else might want to use it. This is a really easy flannel to make, so if you need something but don't have much time this is a good one to use.

When looking for another song to use for my Turkey / Thanksgiving story time, I found this video:

Isn't she great? I knew right away this would be a fun flannel so, I made my own. The lyrics are:
Did you ever see a turkey, a turkey, a turkey,
Who struts around the farm yard with feathers so bright?
With red ones and orange ones and yellow ones and brown ones,
Did you ever see a turkey with feathers so bright.

So here is my turkey - Blogger turned it again :(

I decided to add a few extra rounds of the song with some different colors to spice things up. I made feathers that are bright colors:

Then we got really crazy and made feathers that have stripes, spots, sparkles, and a cow!


  1. The cow feather is SO CUTE!

  2. Haha! Love the cow and the bling feather!

  3. AWESOME way to extend this song! I am going to be smiling over that last set of feathers all week!

  4. Thanks! I love the bling feather too. My mom brings my kids to story time and she saw it on my desk and thought it was for our craft. My co-worker said she looked ready to run for the door. My parents hate glitter - probably why I love it so much!

  5. This is fantastic! I have been desperately seeking a good turkey song for my story time tomorrow, and when I finally caught up on reading Flannel Friday posts this morning, this made my whole day! I am out of Velcro and contact paper so couldn't make it a flannel board, but I used some construction paper and other patterned paper I had hanging around and made Popsicle stick puppets instead. I'll post pictures in my blog when I have a chance to take them. But seriously- thank you so much for posting this early. It's just what I need!

  6. I made these turkeys for my storytime today! Thank you so much for the fantastic idea!

  7. So glad to hear you all can use these! I know my kids loved them this week. (Parents too - my mom even smiled at the bling one!)

  8. This is so cute ... can you tell me how you actually present it? Do you hold the turkey with one hand, and the feathers with the other?

  9. I present this on a small flannel board. The feathers have a piece of 'sticky' velcro on back so they stick to the flannel board. There is a 'soft' piece of velcro on the front and a 'sticky' piece on the back of the turkey so that he will stick to the feathers.
    I start the flannel with a featherless turkey and say 'I think my turkey is missing something.' I then add the 'normal' feathers and we name the colors then sing the song.
    Then I say, 'but the song says he has bright feathers, so let's get him some brighter feathers...' I change the feathers and we name those colors and sing again.
    Then I say, 'but, those feathers aren't bright enough. I think we can find some really bright feather...' Then I put out the flashy set, name them, and sing one final time.

  10. Hi Sarah, we love this song. What did you use for the feathers...foam, felt or paper? Also, do you have any patterns and how big was your turkey? Sorry for all the questions.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. All parts of the turkey were made of craft foam and he is around 6 inches high, but if you are using a flannel board just make sure he is not bigger than that. I don't have a template for the turkey sometimes I will just use the shape of a clip art or coloring page image. I actually free handed this turkey by folding a piece of paper in half and doing 2 half circles along the fold with the neck connecting them.

    2. Also, I just did this one in a story time this week and instead of using the flannel board I put the turkey on a paint stirrer stick with Velcro. I had more Velcro on the backside of the stick and I attached the feathers there. It made it very easy to change between verses.

    3. Hi Sarah,

      I really appreciate your feedback on this...we're going to give it a try. I'm sure it will be a big hit!

  11. I made this up last year and the kids had a blast! I did it again today and it was again a hit! I see a yearly classic coming up. Thanks for posting!