Flannel Friday: Two Shoes in One

Somehow I missed the fact that this week everyone else is posting mushy love flannels - oops!  But, bonus with a theme about something that I do love ... I have two shoe themed story times in one post!  One thing that I try to do whenever possible is to re-use my foamie pieces for other stories.  So, here is an example of where that works well.

The first story is one that I found a few years ago.  The story is called The case of the missing shoe by Jean Feldman.  This is an easy one to remember since you have all of the pieces there to look at.  Basically, you got up in the morning and wanted to wear your blue shoes, but alas, you can only find one.  So, you begin to search.  You look under the sink, nope, it is a shoe of pink.  Under the bed?  No, a shoe of red.  This is good for rhyming if the kids are old enough to guess what color the shoe will be.  Or the little ones can shout out the color as you reveal it.  You can find the whole poem/story here or in Jean Feldman's book Transition tips and tricks for teachers.
As you can see I made a card with a picture of what the shoe was hiding under and then put the appropriate colored shoe behind the card.  All have velcro on the back so they stay up.  I have the cards on the board in order of the poem, so no need to memorize or use a cheat sheet :)
My second shoe story is from a book that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (one of the best story time books - at least in my humble opinion).  I have seen Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin on Flannel Friday many times, but here is my version anyway.  I re-used the shoes from the previous story for this flannel, so there was less to make.  I printed off pictures of what Pete was stepping in so the kids could help me tell the story.  I even extended it once and had Pete step in oranges, jello, etc. to get shoes of orange, yellow, green, whatever else we felt like.  I love this book.  We have used it for shoes, colors, even a USA theme since Pete is so Rock 'n Roll.  One of these days I'm going to do an all singing story time ... someday...


  1. I read I Love My White Shoes for the first time at story time this morning and fell instantly in love! I didn't think about how perfect it would be as a flannel board - great idea! I'm definitely going to keep it in mind.

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