Flannel Round-Up for 6/15/12

Welcome to Read It Again!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to Flannel Friday this week!  Thank you also to everyone who gave a song or rhyme suggestion.  For those of you who missed the original post I asked for favorite songs and rhymes for story time.  (Unfortunately that post was deleted when I started editing.  The plan was to keep the link for everyone who used it in their post, now I know to use a separate document if I want to get a jump on things!)

I always like to see what the favorites of others are because I am continually looking for new song ideas.  I use 3 songs on our library ipod every week (and that does not include our 'Hello' song) and I try not to repeat songs too often.  If you are looking for some new ideas as well, check out some of these suggestions from our Flannel Friday contributors:

All the fish by Sue Schnitzer - this one is one of my favorites
Criss, cross, line, line - compliments of Library Quine, lyrics can be found on her resource page here.
Driving in my car by Ralph Covert - compliments of Amy
Five in the bed - complements of Miss Courtney who also does it as Three in the bed
Lightning flashed - compliments of Maureen
Two little blackbirds - compliments of Maria
Wiggle your lah dee da by Ralph Covert - compliments of Lisa

And now, the reason you are really here, the Flannel-riffic Round-Up for June 15, 2012:

Amy from catch the possibilities shares her version of Ten Flashing Fireflies, complete with super-sparkly fireflies.

Cate from Storytiming made her very own flannel Spider puppet/ring to use with the Itsy Bitsy spider.

Courtney from Miss Courtney Meet Bobo has an adorable set of Five Owls in a Tree.  (Plus the opportunity to spray your story time crowd with water - that has always been a secret dream of mine!)   

Erin from Falling Flannelboards shares her versatile adaptation of A Tree for Me!

Erin from LibrErin brings us an idea for a Library Space Camp that looks like it was really fun.  (How could it not be fun when a trip to Mars and Astronaut ice cream are included!)

Katie from storytime katie presents a Weather song that makes even rain look appealing.

Katie from Story Time Secrets is sharing Feelings through a fun song that she wrote.

Kay from Storytime ABC's gives us a whole post dedicated to dear old Dad, including a cookies for dad flannel board song.

Kelly from Welcome to Storytime is Wishing she was all sorts of fun things to go along with the Dream Big: Read theme.

Library Quine from Loons and Quines @ Librarytime constructed an awesome interchangeable Color Spinner.

Linda from Notes from the Story Room has the Moon falling from the sky - no worries it gets put back!

Lisa from Libraryland has a great Airplane Song that you can use as part of a story time or a Dance Party!

Lucy from In the Children's Room shows us what a Monster eats for lunch.

Maria from The Serpentine Library makes her Flannel Friday debut with Ahhh-Chooo!   Welcome Maria!

Maureen from StrongStart brings us her adaptation of the book There's a Billy Goat in the Garden.

Mollie Kay from What Happens in Storytime is Having a Ball with balls in anticipation of the Olympics.

Seth from The Voices Inside My Headphones has another printable craft for us.  This week we get to see Dinosaur Vs. ...

Tara from Storytime with Miss Tara and Friends shares two ideas this week.  First is a rhyming flannel about some colorful Fish.  Miss Tara also shares an idea for using a Flannel Sandwich set that she found.

My contribution for the week is my version of Going on a Bear Hunt that we used for our camping theme this week.

I believe that concludes our Flannel fun for the week.  If that is too sad for you, you may continue browsing past Flannel round-ups at the Flannel Friday website.  Or, you can click the Flannel Friday button to the right and pop over to Pinterest for a visual feast of Flannel...and craft foam!


  1. I like Wiggle Your Lah Dee Dah by Ralph Covert. Here's my post for the week! http://lisaslibraryland.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-airplane-song.html

  2. For Flannel Friday this week I made a flannel spinner to use with colour choosing games http://loonsandquines.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/flannel-friday-colour-spinner.html.
    I've been concentrating on baby storytimes recently, and my favourite rhyme is "Cross, Cross, Line, Line" into which I've changed some lyrics and added a couple of extra lines - I've added it to my resources page at http://loonsandquines.blogspot.co.uk/p/other-resources.html

  3. My Flannel Friday submission isn't flannel, but we did a Library Space Camp for the "Dream Big--READ!" summer reading theme that was a lot of fun. http://librerin.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/library-space-camp/#

  4. Our favourite song is Lightning Flashed
    My submission for this week is Billy Goat in the Garden

  5. I love Baby Shark! I sing it with all ages: babies, preschool and elementary school!

    My Flannel Friday submission this week can be found here: http://fallingflannelboards.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/flannel-friday-a-tree-for-me/

    It's based off of the picture book, A Tree for Me by Nancy Van Laan.

  6. "Five Owls in a Tree" http://neverlandarling.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-five-owls-in-tree.html
    I've always liked "Five in a Bed" and I've just started using it in MGOL as "Three in a Bed" with flannel sheep, working on counting and colors.

  7. This week, I've got a song about feelings: http://storytimesecrets.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-h-p-p-y.html

  8. Fireflies! http://catchthepossibilities.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-ten-flashing-fireflies.html

    Driving in My Car by Ralph Covert is always a crowd pleaser.

  9. I really enjoy using Two Little Blackbirds in story times.

    This is my first time posting a flannel friday; it's about sneezing (ah choo!): http://www.theserpentinelibrary.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-ahhh-chooo.html

  10. I don't see my comment, but if you've already seen it you can ignore this:

    You can pick which one to put on FF:

    This has a fun flannel set from Melissa & Doug http://storytimewithmisstara.blogspot.com/2012/06/pre-k-june-14-2012-mice.html

    And this is a fish rhyming flannel I made http://storytimewithmisstara.blogspot.com/2012/06/pre-k-fish-june-7-2012.html

  11. Here's mine:


  12. Here's mine. I have made a couple of changes ~ like linking to this page and the Flannel Friday page at the bottom of my post ~ that haven't shown up yet. :o( Not sure why they aren't visible yet but I will keep checking back to make sure they finally show up. In the meantime, here is the link:


    Thanks for hosting this week!
    ~ K ~

  13. http://inthechildrensroom.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-monster-lunch.html

    Thanks for hosting the round-up this week!

  14. Here's my "Here's a Ball"! http://storytimewithmissmollie.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-having-ball.html

  15. Hi, I just read through the comments and noticed that there are song suggestions from everyone.

    Did I miss something? :o{

    1. In the orignial place holder I had asked everyone to share a favorite song or rhyme that they use frequently in story time. I didn't want to change the post address to a new one in case people were linking to the place holder and when I saved the edited version it deleted the original place holder post. So, if you want to give a favorite song feel free and I will add it in. Next time I will know to just save everything in a Word doc to copy in later :)

  16. Here's my contribution:
    Thanks for hosting.

  17. I have a flannel song, "I Wish I Were": http://cfkidslibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/06/flannel-friday-i-wish-i-were-flannel.html
    Thanks, Sarah!

  18. Whoops almost forgot to add mine! I have another easy printable craft this week.


  19. There's something wrong with my openID. Poop! anyway, this is Cate from Storytiming, and I'm doing the itsy bitsy spider this week: http://wp.me/p17lrO-lt

  20. You have an extra "l" in Ralph Covert under songs at the top. :)

    1. Thanks! I do that all the time with his name for some reason.