Flannel Friday: A Vegetable Lunch

 This week's Flannel Friday is a version of Denise Fleming's Lunch that I made to go along with a vegetable themed story time.  Basically, Mouse is hungry so he eats a large variety of food and then heads off to take a nap until dinnertime.  It is a cute story, great for the littlest story time friends with a few words on a page and bright, bold illustrations.  The book also notes the color of each food, so for my flannel/foamie version I made vegetables in a variety of colors so the kids could help by naming the color and food.
 In my version, Mouse gets out his pink napkin, and his blue fork (because I wanted more colors and it was really hard to find pink and blue vegetables).  Then he feasts on some white cauliflower, purple eggplant, green peas, brown potato, orange carrot, red tomato (I know, I know, not technically a vegetable), and some yellow corn.  Then, he heads off for his nap!

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  1. cute cute cute! he looks so happy.

  2. Oooh, foam -- that's a new idea!

  3. Do you have a printable template for this?